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  1. I've used AviSynth+ a few times. I want to add credits at the end of a show on several lines and would rather avoid repeating the settings and tune the alignment for each line. The page below uses newline characters (\n) to introduce newlines in a subtitle in AviSynth:

    subtitle("First line\nNext line\nLast line", ...)

    I tried this code on AviSynth+ and it fails.

    What is the simplest way to include newlines in subtitles?
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  2. You have to specify lsp (line spacing parameter) for \n line breaks

    subtitle("First line\nNext line\nLast line", lsp=10)

    int lsp =

    Line Spacing Parameter; enables multi-line text (where "\n" enters a line break). If lsp is less than zero, inter-line spacing is decreased; if greater, the spacing is increased, relative to Windows' default spacing. By default, multi-line text disabled.

    In the unlikely event that you want to output the characters "\n" literally in a multi-line text, you can do this by using "\\n".
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  3. On the AviSynth Subtitle page it says to do it like so:

    Print text on multiple lines with no halo border

    Subtitle( \
    "Some text on line 1\\nMore text on line 1\n" + \
    "Some text on line 2", \
    lsp=10, halo_color=$ff000000)

    It results in:

    Some text on line 1\nMore text on line 1
    Some text on line 2

    Me, I'd just create a real SSA subtitle file and add it to the script using the TextSub filter (part of the VSFilter).
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  4. My bad, I missed the argument lsp at the end of the command in the page that I mentioned, and also the example on the wiki. Thanks both!

    On this occasion I prefer to keep the credits as subtitles since they are at most 1 minute in a one hour show with no audio. I'll definitely use SubStation Alpha in the future for creating subtitles related to the audio.
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