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  1. Can anyone help me. When I ripped my movies I had rip forced checked marked off. After the rip the subtitles were not ripped. Should I try to re-rip them or are there any subtitles for just the alien dialogs out there? Any help or information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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  2. Well, you could look on the various subtitle sites.

    Or the subs aren't forced but have their own separate subtitle stream. Try getting the small filesize subs.
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  3. On the one subtitle site I use only has full english subtitles. The others seem either want money or keeps redirecting mento another site.
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  4. My second suggestion is the one I favor. Have you tried looking at all the subtitle streams?
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  5. I am going to try that when I get the time. Thanks.
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    srt subs for alien parts are available to download if you made mkvs. sometimes you have to sort through a bunch to find english "foreign language only" subs.
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  7. Oh, "foreign language only" I was getting nowhere while searching for "Star Wars Alien Language". Good idea.

    And he didn't say which movie and the results were pages and pages long.
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  8. I know. Alot of then don't say they Re "forgien only".
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