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  1. hi guys i am new here. i am trying to use this old recorder and trying to understand what file format is being recorded while recording directly to hdd. my goal is to use this dmr as a media center to convert old vhs and super8 videos into digital (mpeg files or similar.)
    any help??
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  2. If you dump the recordings to dvd, then it's simply standard mpeg-2 files as *.vob dvd format (then use mpg2cut2 to convert vob back to mpg).


    If you're accessing the hard drive directly, *.vro files.
    "Like I said in another post I was able to recover the videos from the HDD in my DMR-HS2 (40GB) by hooking it up to my desktop PC
    (I used a IDE to USB2 cable and power supply which I bought on Ebay for $10).

    I used a hex editor (WinHex) to clone the HDD Image to a Raw (backup) File, then I could play the whole HDD image with VLC media player (right click on the file and have it open with VLC).

    I haven't edited the file into smaller videos yet (but there are Mpeg Video cutters that should do the trick)."
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