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  1. I have an-old sony trv740 camcorder that you can input the output of a vhs deck and convert the signal to a dv avi file,and send to pc, as the technology is 15 years old would it be better to get one of the inexpensive ebay usb usb dongles as a starting point for
    Tape conversion or is the old technology better .....?.....

    What i want to do is take my old vhs tapes convert to a file so i can burn dvds as a backup and also put them on my QNAP storage device so that i can watch on my flatscreen tv, ipad and have family members log in to see our videos, with some minor editing.

    Any help, suggestions of best way to convert tapes and file type needed will greatly be appreciated

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  2. Vhs -> (analog signal) -> Sony -> (digital dv signal) -> firewire port in pc -> dv files on pc (25Mbps).

    Dmr-ez48 Panasonic vhs+dvd recorder.
    Vhs -> (internal digital signal) -> DVD (~8-10Mbps).

    Most cheap dongles are worse.


    Better quality would be the first route.
    Eventually, when the video gets converted for a dvd, quality drops due to the maximum bitrate limitation of dvds (about 9Mbps).
    If you keep the AVI dv file straight from the camcorder, then it'll give you better quality.


    If your camcorder takes s-video input and you have a vhs deck with s-video output, you can improve the capture a bit more vs a rca/composite connection.
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  3. If you do try the cheap usb dongles, also try using the obs studio program to see if it'll do better than what's included.
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