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  1. I've got the latest stable versions of VLC, MPC, and the K-Lite Codec Pack. I never run
    alpha or beta versions of any app.

    Most MOV files play normally, but there are few that have problems. It's either audio with
    no video, or no audio and no video.

    I tried a dedicated app called MOV Player created by VSevenSoft. No luck.

    I asked other people who downloaded the same MOV files. The majority say their MOV files
    are playing normally. A few are having problems with audio or video.

    Apple created the MOV file format, so I could download the Windows version of QuickTime
    Player. Not sure if that's the best solution.

    How do I fix this problem?
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    MOV format is just like all the other formats - it's just a container that encapsulates video streams & audio streams (and sometimes more types).
    Those streams are encoded by different kinds of codecs (compression/decompression algorithms). Some codecs come default with a stock installation of Quicktime, some do not. Some of those stock ones (and some of those other extra ones) ARE NOT available on other configurations - such as yours, most likely - which utilize 3rd party reworking/reverse-engineered versions of those libraries. They are incomplete. Also, QT on Mac had more/different codecs than QT on Windows, no matter how you addon. Most overlap, but not all. Plus, there's the complication that if you are using a very modern Mac, you won't truly be using Quicktime anymore, you'll be using AVFoundation (with a sneakily-named "Quicktime Player", that is actually based on AVFoundation). AVFoundation does NOT support 3rd party codecs, but *HAD* a legacy codec converter. But since Catalina (MacOS v10.15), ALL of the 32bit legacy codecs that used to come with the available QT converter, ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Because Apple wants to be "forward thinking" (read: my way or the highway) and won't support any 32bit stuff anymore.

    The truth is, you don't know what you've got. So you have to find out what you've got. Then you can figure out the best way to get it to play or to get it converted so it can play. It may be so difficult that you have to dredge up some old non-Intel Mac, add legacy codecs, and convert on there to a more generic/popular codec first.

    Use MediaInfo. Post the results here in text form.

    *Do not use or install QT for Windows, unless ABSOLUTELY necessary as a temporary last resort. It hasn't been updated in ~ a decade and it has many known security holes.*

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  3. Hello Scott.

    It's obvious you know a lot about video players, formats, etc. I really appreciate your reply.

    I googled about QuickTime Player for Windows and immediately found links for QT at MajorGeeks.
    It was dated 2010. No, I did not download a ten year old app.

    I downloaded and installed the "standard" variant of K-Lite Codec Pack because it's recommended
    for the majority of users. There are "full" and "mega" variants, but I don't think that would fix the
    problem I'm having with these MOV files.

    I tried converting the MOV files to MP4 with Oxelon Media Converter. Didn't work. Oxelon has a
    huge list of video formats. I don't know which format (if any) would be successful.

    I'll download MediaInfo.
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    try Avidemux
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  5. I'm 99% certain the MOV files I downloaded are corrupt. There is a company that specializes in
    repairing damages video files. Their software gets extremely good reviews. 4.8-to-5 stars. They
    make enough money, so I'm not going to mention their name.

    I used one of their "repair" apps. Those MOV files that wouldn't play are damaged beyond repair.
    I was confused, because other people had downloaded the same files and they played normally.

    We have all downloaded corrupt files. Fortunately, it's not a common occurance.

    AviDemux is a video editor. I suppose a video expert could use this app to salvage damaged files.
    I'm not a video expert.
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  6. Too many possibilities without the original file to test.
    Simple way? Have a Mac user with quicktime play it.

    If it didn't play, probably nothing will.
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    Hey box-turtle,

    You said some fellows could play the files, while others - not. Or, were these different files downloaded from the same source?
    Also, are you fine sharing one of the files here (or privately), so that I can try and fix it? Quite curious what's the issue with those MOVs.
    You could upload it to GDrive and PM me the link.
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