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  1. Ok, for the love of god....I'm throwing myself at the mercy of the court and hoping someone will take pity on me and have an answer.

    I have a home security camera that i have been trying to get the videos off of for days now, and I cant figure it out. They come off the cam as .Data, and from reading the website they offer several ways of converting / pulling the videos of the microSD.

    1st way is to change the file extension to .mp4....that works, but only sorta. I lose audio and the video is wayyyyy too fast. (and Quicktime wont even recognize it) I can get it to play in MKVplayer, Elmedia, QT.

    I have tried running this through every converter i can think of once its in .mp4 and some of them work, but suffer the same problems. videos way too fast and no audio.

    2nd way is VLC, and i have tried just about every setting and still same issues.

    I have been tinkering in my terminal with FFMPEG, but theres a lot there to absorb.....Ive gotten several conversions but all speed up and no audio.

    Does anyone have any suggestions, or a terminal command line i would want to use to convert a whole directory of my fake .mp4 videos into real mp4 videos in a new directory?

    If my mac cant do it, Ive got a linux based laptop with Fedora 31 workstation i will be installing today and a Fedora based server to run any application off of if need be.

    I have attached a summary image of what the video parameters look like incase someone knows the proper command line to run.
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    upload a sample here. it can be up to 500mb. if the site doesn't like the .data extension change it to mp4
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  3. This appears to be an h264 video stream.
    Rename the .data file to .h264 and multiplex it into a container, for example mp4 or mkv (mkvtoolnix-gui). You need to specify a framerate, e.g. 23.976 FPS or 30 FPS and see if the speed fits. You may want to experiment with other framerates.
    The sound seems to be stored in a different file.
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  4. Yes, MediaInfo is showing it's an h.264 elementary stream. These usually have the extension .h264 or .264 or .AVC (also shown by MediaInfo). If you rename the extension you'll have better luck dealing with them.

    You can remux them to mp4 with a program like Mp4Muxer. Or MKV with MkvToolnixGUI. Those programs will also allow you to specify a frame rate.
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  5. A lot of times the video from cameras is best transferred using the proprietary software that the manufacturer provides. Try going to the manufacturer's site and see if they have software to manage the video. For instance, Sony has long had software (e.g., Play Memories) that is pretty much required if you want to use the metadata (like GPS info) that is stored in the video, and which can take care of stitching together long video takes which span multiple .mp4 files so that there is no audio or video glitch at the join point.

    So while renaming/remuxing may work, you still may need to use the manufacturer's software.
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