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  1. Hey dear Videohelp Forums,

    i've been searching through the Internet since some days and nights, i've found some Videos i wanna Download which are just accessable via RuTube LiST (so registered and logged in). I've tried it with jDownloader, Youtube-DL, Torch Browser and so on but didn't managed to find an possible way.

    The Link of the Video is:
    The Embedded Link of the Video is:

    Maybe someone can help me, i can't find the M3U8 / MP4 / FLV File of the Video, seems to be encrypted because of the "LiST" Stuff?
    Just found even more this Link in the Source Code of the Embedded Video:
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  2. Some Update:

    With the HTTP Header Spy Addon for Chrome i found the following new Stuff:
    The Embedded Player was showing me the following Link:
    meanwhile this shows me this one:
    I saw that there is interessting Stuff like:
    - How can i download this now? Should be possible via jDownloader and FFMPeg Addon, or?

    Edit: Also found out that it saves Fragments while playing as TS Files, but if i wanna open the "mp4" it says Payment Required :/?
    TS Example:
    Without the TS Frag:
    Edit again: Managed to Download it <3!


    ffmpeg -i "" -c copy -bsf:a aac_adtstoasc "output.mp4"
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    For those who want to do all of that process automatically and bypass ads, i've done a little script in PHP to scrap m3u8 link from a video id of Rutube, unfortunately it still require an account registered to Rutube LiST, I explain everything on my repo :

    If you have any issues, post one on Github
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