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    I have a Sony HDR-CX580. I would like to mount it on the ceiling as a second source for live streaming. The problem is how to turn it off and on. I have a few options and would like any input about any of them.
    1) Leave it on all the time. Is this a bad thing?
    2) Get a ladder to reach it each time. Not very convenient and not crazy about having to do this.
    3) Is there a remote way to turn it on and off?

    EDIT: Forgot to add that it will be an easy matter to run an extension cord and an HDMI cable in the attic to the camera. I also considered some sort of wired solution like LANC, but those typically do not come with a 30 foot cable and usually don't have the ability to turn the camera on and off. We also don't need focus or pan and tilt as that will be "set and forget".
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