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  1. I ripped a blu-ray copy of "star trek: search for spock" to a single .mkv file, included the english language subtitle track
    There are sections of the film where characters speak klingon and I need the english translation to show on screen.
    However, I can only either turn "on" the subtitle track, or turn it off.
    I need the english sub-titles ton ONLY show in those certain parts, and stay off for the rest of the movie.
    Is there a way to do this?
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  2. You have to create a second subtitle track with the desired entries only
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    they are usually called foreign language only subs. sometimes you can find them online for popular movies. if not you need to make your own.
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  4. foriegn language forced sub..

    convert extracted sub to text subs
    either edit the full sub and extract the PArts you need
    or search for subs Klingdon only..
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