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  1. Original VHS captured video is:
    HuffYUV 1.3.1, 25fps interlaced, 720x576

    I want to convert this into h264, 50fps progressive, 720x576.

    I use Windows 10 with Avisynth+, QTGMC, FFmpeg.

    My avs script:
    Convert command is:
    ./ffmpeg -i /h/videohelp.avs videohelp-QTGMC-50fps.mp4
    And I have an issue with the output. I got stuttered in the video with 50fps..
    It seems that every second frame rewinds playback.

    Here is an example of the original source.

    And here is deinterlaced h264, 50fps output:

    Any suggestions on how to fix this?
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  2. Wrong field order .

    Also you should use ConvertToYV12(interlaced=true)

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  3. @poisondeathray

    thanks, but with AssumeTFF() output is with the same issue
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  4. Sorry, you're right - I didn't look too closely at the sample. But BFF will definitely be worse, there will be a jerk every 2nd frame as in your mp4

    There are some messed up fields in your source . I take a closer look, if there is a pattern, there might be a way to "replace" the bad fields
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    I had a similar issue with Qtgmc in Hybrid, looked great except for stutter.
    I was advised to tick the box that says Libavvideosource instead of FFmpegsource. Working now.
    Hybrid is awesome.
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  6. This one isn't a source filter issue

    And AVISource() is usually pretty good with AVI sources, assuming you have the appropriate codec installed

    There are repeated fields and the pattern isn't consistent. Either in the original tape or your capturing process.

    How is the capture set up?
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  7. Originally Posted by poisondeathray View Post
    How is the capture set up?
    Capturing process:
    Windows XP SP3 (because Pinnacle doesn't have good drivers for Windows 7/10)
    Pinnacle PCI-700
    old VCR JVC

    I tried VirtualDub 1.10.4 and iuVCR: with HuffYUV 1.3.1 codec
    Maybe issue is in the codec, i didn't try any other.
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    Huffyuv 1.3.1?? That was released 19.5 years ago. The newest file in the ZIP archive has a modified date of 2000-06-16.

    At least upgrade to 2.1.1, if not a more modern codec like Ut Video Codec Suite or MagicYUV.

    You really need to add a line TBC passthrough to your setup, and also lower the Contrast using your card's Proc Amp controls.

    Duplicate frames (i.e. an Inserted frame going by VDub's Capture Mode nomenclature)
    In fact, starting with frame 50, every 5th frame is a dupe. Source being 25fps, you're only able to capture 2 seconds before your capture is hosed.

    [Attachment 51921 - Click to enlarge]

    Red arrows indicate vertical lines that would be straight if you used line TBC. Histogram shows clipping (right edge in the brown part).
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  9. @poisondeathray @vaporeon800 thank you for your help, i thought that maybe source is corrupted and now i know it for sure.
    will keep 25fps version of it, and maybe someday i'll recapture it with TBC
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