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  1. I extracted an mkv file from a dvd which had a mastering error that inverted the rgb channels on a particular film that I want to save to a flash drive to watch on vacation in Florida in a couple of weeks. Iím trying to switch the red and blue channels on the file to correct the mastering error from the original dvd source.

    Here are some examples of the mastering problem that I found online... I guess someone took screen caps and then fixed the colors in Photoshop to prove that the red & blue channels were in fact reversed.

    [Attachment 51835 - Click to enlarge]
    [Attachment 51836 - Click to enlarge]

    [Attachment 51837 - Click to enlarge]
    [Attachment 51838 - Click to enlarge]

    As much as I'd like to take a psychedelic trip through the Everglades, I'd really just like to find some easy to use and preferably free software that will reverse the red & blue channels for me so that I can watch this thing properly.

    I have no idea how to do this with an mkv.

    Can someone please walk me through this?
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  2. Are you sure it's R/B reversal not U/V reversal? They're pretty close with those images but U/V swap looked a little better to me -- the sky was a little more blue, less purple.

    Both are easy in AviSynth but the program isn't easy to learn.

    SwapUV() # U/V swap
    MergeRGB(ShowBlue(), ShowGreen(), ShowRed()) # R/B swap
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