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  1. hello, could somebody asisst, pls?

    i have a ntb with 2 graphical cards, intel hd for lower performance battery saving modes and geforce 940mx for higher... im trying to recode videos using several aps supporting gpu acceleration, but without or with partial success... it either doesnt work, or work only with the first low-perf gpu...

    of course i tried to start it with context : run with nvidia or intel manual switching of graphic cards...

    tried hybrid, media coder, dvdfab, xmedia recode...

    best results -fastest speed/same settings i ve got with xmedia recode. it is able to use intel hd, but doesnt recognize the geforce, which should go much much faster...

    choosing codecs shows only intel as accelerated options, no nvidia...

    maybe some configfiles switch, or simply use command line and force using gpu wit the correct syntax?
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    Did you install Nvidia graphic drivers made by Nvidia (not just from the Windows Update)? Does HWiNFO report both GPUs? (It has a small combobox in its summary window to switch)
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  3. i allready tried several drivers/packages downloaded from nvidia directly, each about 550mb. currently have the latest...

    hwinfo recognize both cards, attached screenshot

    [Attachment 51844 - Click to enlarge]
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