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  1. Avyone knows how to change the settings of LG HD (1920x1080p) professional screens in a video wall matrix, in order to get 4K resolution (3840x2160p). The PC's video adapter has 4K support, but doesn't identify the vide wall as a 4K display. The HDMI is connected to the top left monitor (#1) and the computer identify the video wall only as the resolution of that single monitor. The image is distributed fine over the entire surface of the four monitors, but still only at 2K. I really need help with this.
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  2. 1. You've installed the lg monitor software driver?
    2. You're using a high speed 4k class hdmi cable?
    3. You're pc software needs updating/settings adjustment
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    you're missing a piece of hardware. i believe you need a dedicated video wall processor. i.e. - or enough video cards to have separate hdmi/dvi-d outputs for cables to each screen.
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