I tried to register at the Shark007 site, but they block NordVPN users.

I installed Icaros 3.1. I also run Shellfolderfix on Windows 10 x64 1809 (17763). The CPU is a I9-10940X on an MSI X299 Creator motherboard with 32GB DDR4-3600 CL16 RAM.

Once installed Shellfolderfix starts behaving erratically. It randomly doesn't save window positions, or forgets existing ones.

When I right click a 4K file that is stored on optical media Explorer completely crashes, requiring a restart.

Uninstall Icaros and all is well. I guess I shouldn't be surprised - they are both shell extensions, and Shellfolderfix has been around for a very long time. There are probably not many people using it.

I am using Icaros because I want some way to show 4K and AVI thumbnails, which Windows doesn't seem to like for some reason.

Is there a work around, another utility that will show the thumbnails or some other way to achieve the desired result?