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  1. Hi,

    I am new to PotPlayer. I love the many options. One thing I am unable to find, and I hope there is an option for, is how to disable the choices that appear when dragging a file into the PotPlayer window. It gives me the options to "Play later", "Play now" and sometimes, to "Play as external audio". To me these are in the way and I don't want to see them. I want to always play now with no choices. I understand these might be useful to some, but I am just too used to dragging and dropping and playing now always, not having to worry about what area of the window I drag to. Please tell me there is a way to disable this.

    Thank you,


    EDIT: See post #4 for solution.
    Or, see this thread:
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  2. To be honest, keep away from Potplayer. Try MPC-BE instead.
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  3. I like MPC-BE. I have used it briefly in the past. The only reason I never stayed with it (or MPC-HC for that matter) is the lack of an A/B loop feature.
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  4. This was solved in another thread.

    Originally Posted by lingyi View Post
    There's a box under General>Use advanced drag and drop interaction
    So basically, just uncheck the box for "Use advanced drag and drop interaction". Can't believe I didn't see it. Thought I looked everywhere. Just goes to show how many options there are, which is awesome.

    Thanks, lingyi
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