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  1. I am posting this here because this subsection is supposed to handle remuxing as well, which is what I'll hopefully do.

    I am working corrently with a bunch of mkv's that are muxed in a curios way, the journey so far:

    Track one: -the video itself, x264 set to 25fps
    Track two: -the german audio, seemingly matching in length to the video at 25fps
    Track three: -the english audio, seemingly matching in length to the video at 25fps

    I play it back in mpc-hc: Everything works fine, in both languages seemingly

    I play it back in vlc: The german audio works fine, the english plays seemingly to slow, an increasing delay builds up

    I stream it via DLNA: Some devices build up delay, some produce hick ups on the english audio

    I converted both audio and video: The english audio has pieces missing, regularly.

    I check back in with mpc-hc, because it played well there: I used a stopwatch, if I play the english track the video plays roughly four percent to slow.

    I demuxed the file and checked the english track: It has roughly 4 percent more samples, it was created for 23,97 fps playback. The header of the mkv was lying, concerning duration in seconds as well as in samples.

    If i set the video fps to 23.976fps, the english audio works fine everywhere, the german one is now to fast, so far so good. As expected.

    My resumee:
    mpc-hc has some built in compensation for things like that, that's neat. Good to know, good for them.
    PAL framerate is stupid.

    My questions:
    How does one trick the mkv header? The files came that way, and it leaves me confused. I'm only a video noob to be fair, using mkv via toolnix-gui.

    How do i fix this without reencoding?
    I want the files to work with other players and via DLNA too, so reencoding one of the audio tracks is what I would like to avoid.
    I searched through the MKV documentation and found TrackTimeCodeScale, which was developed exactly for that purpose, but i don't know how to use it.

    I'd very much like your help one that one.
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  2. You will probably need to re-encode.
    You can solve the matter with my Smart FFmpeg GUI, in the audio section.
    Select the same kbits/codec/channels as source.
    In the Adapt Audio section set 23.976 FPS above and 25 FPS below.
    Set Lenght/Pitch according to your needs
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