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    I am looking to record video that is being sent to a TV via ethernet.

    I occasionally work for a few weeks on ships and several have the TV signal transmitted to the rooms over ethernet; the cable attaches at the LAN port on the back of the TV. Iíd like to do a little time-shifting of certain shows that are on when Iím not in my room (that I can watch at my leisure time). I have equipment to capture video over HDMI/component/coaxial so Iím hoping there is a simple way to convert the signal to something like HDMI. BTW, using on-demand streaming is not really an option.

    Some of the ships use HDMI or coaxial to transmit the same TV signal and Iím able to record using my current equipment just fine. Considering this, Iím pretty certain DRM is not a concern. Besides, itís just regular TV programmes and news anyway.

    On the last assignment, the TV in the room was a Samsung HG28NE690AF and was identified as a ďHospitality TV.Ē From Samsungís website, these TVs are equipped with LYNK REACH that allow for the management of hospitality displays. So, Iím not sure what I am wanting to do is going to be possible but I thought Iíd ask here anyway.

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  2. Try a DLNA client or an IP TV client.
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