after taking a look at this: and this: i have a working batch script that does work however i would like to tweak it to make it more efficient and convenient, unfortunately my knowledge is limited so am asking for your help.

i would like to know if the following can be done:

* 1) not having to have the mkv file and audio file be name the same if not can it be so that audio files be rename to the mkv file names (if not i can do it manually using bulk renamer or similar)
* 2) prompt to enter the desired audio delay for the entire run (if left bank=leave as default)
* 3) add that secondary audio and set the language and track name to Spanish
* 4) "move /Y "%%~nf_New.mkv" "%%~nf.mkv" that code renames/moves/replaces the modified file back into the original filename however i could it be set so that it moves all those files to a folder call "to delete so i can manually remove after i confirm everything went accordingly?
* 5) can all this be on a interactive script batch or is it better to automate all and change the code whenever needed?

code so far:

HTML Code:
 for %%f in (*.mkv) do (
    echo %%~nf
    "\\\drivepool\MY stuff\windows stuff\tools\mkv tools\[url=]mkvtoolnix[/url]\[url=]mkvmerge[/url].exe" -o "%%~nf_New.mkv" "%%~nf.mkv" --language 0:spa --track-name 0:Spanish --sync 0:1000 "%%~nf.eac3" --track-order 0:0,0:1,1:0,0:2
        move /Y "%%~nf_New.mkv"  "%%~nf.mkv"
thank you in advance.