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  1. Hello,

    Any help would be greatly appreciated with this issue i've been having with handbrake.

    - DVD (with multiple 20-40 titles)
    - subtitles are VOBSUB and CC608

    - export them as mkv (smallest file size without losing any visible quality) with the embedded subtitles

    Configuration Steps
    - i've loaded the video VIDEO_TS
    - all the titles load
    - using Fast 1080p30 preset
    changes to the preset
    - summary > format > MKV File
    - Video > Video Encoder > H.265 10-bit
    - Subtitles > tracks > Add all tracks
    > Foreign Audio Search <x> Forced only
    > 0: English Closed Caption (4:3) [VOBSUB]
    > 1: English Closed Caption [CC608]

    Issue1: Bulk titles, added to queue do not retain all subtitle tracks from the settings changed above.
    - If I do one title with the above settings and add it then it works as desired in the summary window of the queue interface
    Subtitles: Foreign Audio Search, Forced Only
    0: English Closed Caption (4:3) [VOBSUB]
    1: English, Closed Caption [CC608]
    BUT if i add all the titles (File > Add titles to Queue) then it seems to use the original unmodified preset.
    Subtitles: Foreign Audio Search, Forced Only, Burned In
    <missing 0:...>
    <missing 1:...>

    Issue2: Creating a new preset with Configuration steps does not retain the settings
    - so once the above is setup then you click Subtitles > Save New Preset
    - add:
    Preset Name: test1
    Category: <default: My Presets>
    Dimensions: <default: source maxium>
    Audio: <default unchanged>
    [x] Add Closed captions when available
    [x] Add Foreign Audio Search
    Burn-in Behavior: None
    [x] DVD Subtitles
    [x] Blu-ray Subtitles

    so once you click "add"
    - it removes the 0: English Closed Caption (4:3) [VOBSUB]
    - enables the [x] Burn in for foreign Audio Search.

    So essentially it's a partial reset of the presets and doesn't save the Subtitle options.

    How do you retain the above presets in "Add titles to queue" without repeating the step-by-step configuration for each title?

    FYI - i've used MakeMKV it has everything (subtitles) but the file size is 3 times bigger.
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