Hi there,

I have a small struggle with creating relatively simple Blu-rays for a recent project. Since Encore is discontinued (and also doesn't deliver what I need right now) I need to find some new software, and TMPGEnc Authoring Works seemed like my best bet so far.

I like what comes out of it, but I struggle with the severely limited menu structure. In this case, I need a Bluray with only one film on it, but with different audio-tracks and subtitles. It seems I can only create a menu that has a sub-menu that leads to the setup of things; which is really an unnecessary step, I'd love to have the setup just next to the "play" button in the main menu.
However, I can't seem to get that working. My hope was that I can get around that by making my own menu in Photoshop, as this is a listed feature. But I can't find any info on how to actually utilize a PSD in menu creation, I can only find info that it's possible.

Are there any hints how to make this work?
Or "demo menus" someone can share, so I can try to reverse-engineer them for my purpose?