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    Hi there,

    I have a small struggle with creating relatively simple Blu-rays for a recent project. Since Encore is discontinued (and also doesn't deliver what I need right now) I need to find some new software, and TMPGEnc Authoring Works seemed like my best bet so far.

    I like what comes out of it, but I struggle with the severely limited menu structure. In this case, I need a Bluray with only one film on it, but with different audio-tracks and subtitles. It seems I can only create a menu that has a sub-menu that leads to the setup of things; which is really an unnecessary step, I'd love to have the setup just next to the "play" button in the main menu.
    However, I can't seem to get that working. My hope was that I can get around that by making my own menu in Photoshop, as this is a listed feature. But I can't find any info on how to actually utilize a PSD in menu creation, I can only find info that it's possible.

    Are there any hints how to make this work?
    Or "demo menus" someone can share, so I can try to reverse-engineer them for my purpose?

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  2. I came here to post about this same issue. I cannot seem to delete their premade BD menus, delete premade buttons, or add my own buttons to replace them. I can change the background image, but that's it. I have searched online for tutorials but can find nothing. Any help anyone has on how to make a custom menu from scratch will have my sincerest gratitude!
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  3. I might be able to help out a little here. Firstly be aware that TMPGs menu system is atrocious. They found the person who moves one step forward, two steps back to create the menu system layout for them.

    Most buttons you cannot remove. Text ones you can remove the wording (so it’s blank) and then shrink down and push that button “off screen”.

    However when doing a menu, you can click on the edit menu button which appears under whatever menu page you are viewing. Left click and it brings up more options. If you then click on the “page menu settings” this brings up another page. On the top of this page, click the box “use local settings for this page”. This now opens the item display menu and if any of these are on your page and you don’t want them, uncheck the box and they disappear from your menu

    Importing psd or other files for custom buttons. I haven’t used this myself but see my picture below.

    [Attachment 57065 - Click to enlarge]

    When you first start the program, before choosing a new project or opening a saved project, click on the “advanced tools” under the tool section. Doing this opens a new option screen and one of the first options is “create navigation button items”. Click that and then click “add file” on the bottom left of the new page it opens.

    Really I’m tempted at times to do my menu work with a dvd program and use “dummy clips” for whatever video items I have. I would then use the old free program dvdtobd express. It will convert your dvd with menus (menus will stay at 720 size)to the proper Blu-ray folders (as long as you keep it simple like button A is clip 1, anything complex and the program can’t do it). I would then use TSmuxer to swap out the dummy clips with my proper Blu-ray ones and then use BDedit to fix some of the start times if I had to. -that’s the short version, but you “could” do something like this if you don’t mind 720 menu picture size
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  4. Thank you sincerely for your post, mazinz. I will look into this and get back to you. I really do hope that the custom menu options are far more explicitly conveyed in any future versions of this software, as the current incarnation is absolutely atrocious in this respect!
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