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  1. Hi, I have a cable which was in cable set together with Samsung Smart TV.
    I can use it to connect VHS player with Samsung TV.
    I am wondering if I can plug this mini-jack to my Laptop and receive video as Samsung TV does. Then do something with this captured video.
    Or do you see any other option on how to digitize this signal which I have already on Samsung TV?
    Thanks in advance for advices!
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    All the cable does is combine the video and audio into a single plug. No conversion is done. To get your VCR signal into a form (digital) your laptop can accept requires a video capture card.

    Start by reading this link on how to PROPERLY (for those who'll jump in with their, But there's an easier and cheaper way suggestions) do a video capture. The only real difference is that in home video capture setup, a single VCR and a single capture device MAY be enough to do a decent/good job.

    Then read this to see if your VCR is on the short list of recommended VCRs.

    And if you're interested and willing to spend the money for a known/proven good setup, check this post and contact lordsmurf for what you want/need:

    Keep in mind that you can recoup a good portion of your investment after you're done by reselling your equipment.

    If you just have a few tapes to transfer you may consider letting lordsmurf do the work:

    Why, lordsmurf, lordsmurf, lordsmurf? It's because he's one of the couple of handful of truly knowledgeable, honest and trustworthy members on VH and (which he's either a top administrator or possibly owner/creator of).

    To be perfectly clear. I have absolutely no association with lordsmurf other than having the utmost respect for his knowledge and willingness to help others get the best out of their videos. As I stated above. Others may come in with cheaper and easier suggestions, but good/very good and cheap/easy are mutually exclusive.
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    Your TV is the one digitizing the video signal not the cable, That cable does nothing it is as dumb as a second coat of paint.
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