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  1. i have skin autohide enabled and it works as expected in windowed mode, but when i switch to fullscreen i can't get the top and bottom bars (navigation bar or min/max top bar) to appear when mousing over... i could have sworn this was working fine until recently, but for the life of me i can't figure out if i inadvertently changed a setting that caused it to stop working.... shouldn't the autohidden top and bottom bars appear when moused over in fullscreen? if so, how can i get it to work? thanks!
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    my crystal ball is busted. what program are you talking about?
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  3. Originally Posted by aedipuss View Post
    my crystal ball is busted. what program are you talking about?
    ha ha, my apologies, for some reason i thought i had posted to a potplayer subforum....

    i'm using the latest potplayer 64, default skin, windows 10 64....

    EDIT - exclusive fullscreen was the prob, once i disabled it everything returned to normal.
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