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    Many of us have needed a simple cut/merge program for those home videos and videos with unwanted segments in them. We all need one that does not encode except for when necessary for a cut between Key frames. I have been working on a program that is now functional at least for MP4/AVC. I have posted a video demo of the basics of its uses at TrimNMerge Demo If anyone has time, please view the video and tell me of additional needs for this program or if I am wasting my time. The quality of the demo is from my crap screen capture program NOT the copied segments.

    Some of the things it does are:

    Main Program Image
    1. Fix most non zero PTS times without encoding
    2. Finds key frames before and after an entered cut point
    3. Copy segments contiguously or separately as desired
    4. Encode portion of video from cut point to next key frame if cut between key frames ( Still working on fixing videos with 5 ref frames Incompatibility)
    5. Plays each segment by right clicking images of that segment, complete with frame info and PTS time
    6. Display the actual Key frame by left clicking image. complete with frame number and time.
    7. Displays and cuts at up o 10 cut points (as of now)

    Merge image of program
    1. Encodes segment with cloned 1st/last image for set time
    2. Encodes Fade In/Out beginning or end of segment
    3. Zooms in and out, Pan, Tilt . Frame number as desired e.g fame 100---->zoom in 3x--->Frame 120--------------------- Frame 500------> zoom out---------frame 600
    4. Batch resize multiple videos. adding letterbox or pillar bars as needed
    4.5 Choose font for subtitles
    5. Hard code subtitles (SRT so far... Should be quick fix for ASS subtitles) code subtitles in one of 9 positions.
    6. Create subtitles. (First automatically sets time, still working on setting multiples automatically)
    7. Create Blank video with silent sound for use between segments for subtitles or separators
    8. Create video from images
    9. Capture frame from playing/stopped video.
    10. Sharpen moderately when resizing all or cloning.

    Again, I will be happy with any input anyone has and Thank you in advance for taking the time!

    [Attachment 51587 - Click to enlarge]

    [Attachment 51588 - Click to enlarge]

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  2. Hi Budman1
    I'd like to try it out. Any download link?
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    Working on it. Have to fix a couple other programs but will get to it shortly to cleanup, zip with necessary files, upload to my online storage. Would like to make a quick help file for things my video did not explain. Thanks
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