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  1. Not sure if this is in the right place but I sure could use some advice... Thanks
    I am trying to take the split videos out of Chrome and Firefox caches and merge them back together again..
    I have been using the videocacheview (.exe) and on 1 or two occasions it actaully combined the files and they worked.. but normally it fails to automerge.
    So I tried the manual merge and that appears to merge but will not run. I even tried to copy them into another directory and use merging software to no success.
    Matter of fact none of the individual split files will run either.. Is it possible I am dealing with videos that have been mangled to prevent merging or maybe a strange codec that I don't have..Any suggestions that i can try would greatly be appreciated. Surely in this large group of avid videoers will have some thoughts... Oh.. is there a way to determine if they are streaming and I might be able to capture them on the fly while streaming..
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    first: post video link, so we understand what kind of video / file you are talking about...

    second: you play single file? with VLC or another? if yes to join It's not a problem, there are many programs that do this (free).
    but if instead you can't see the single file, as i think, then it is encrypted, and here the discussion becomes more complicated...
    but before continuing, explain better by answering the questions above.
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