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    Sorry all, as a lead poster of "This has been discussed and answered XXX times!", I'm trying to help the OP in this thread with suggestions for organization and playback of his locally stored DVD collection.

    Unfortunately, I know nothing about Video Organizer software as 99.9% of what I collect is Asian and couldn't be properly, even semi-automatically be organized. I've pointed the OP here and hopefully he participate[s and] give[s] clearer expectations of what he wants/needs.

    From what I know from our posting back and forth on his thread. Sorry for the wall of text, but IMO, the other thread has been derailed with suggestions that don't address his primary need. A good Video Organizer.
    • He's building a PC (which he has other uses for) and will use it for ripping his already decrypted movie only DVDs to a local hard drive. No Blu-Ray rips for now (he has an Oppo) or UHD.
    • He can store everything and play everything from a hard drive connected to his PC which I'm very, very highly recommending. NO streaming or re-encoding whatsoever.
    • The HDMI output of the PC will be feed into his A/V receiver with the outputs already hardwired to his projector and TV in separate rooms.
    • He likes [the] interface of Netflix and the interface of Plex (again, for local playback only), but decided against it because it doesn't handle .iso(s). Suggestions for converting his DVDs to .mkv is a possibility, but hasn't been confirmed or declined.
    • He's currently leaning towards the DVDFab Movie Server because he likes the interface, but which I'm highly discouraging because it's an Android Box running a customized version of 5.1! Also, from his last post, I think he's a bit confused about its function as a standalone device.
    • He's hoping to have as much of the thumbnails and metadata automatically updated as possible, but is willing to add/correct the data himself as needed.
    • Some are recommending NAS and RAID, but since his collection is ~900 DVDs, movie only, it will easily fit on a single 8TB or larger hdd. Again, NO streaming whatsoever. Sorry, posters aren't reading past the OP's first post. Backups will be through a second hdd placed into an internal drive cage on the PC.
    • Remote control of his A/V receiver will be his excellent whole home system, but PC or other device control may be an issue. Roku is out, [requiring] a $1000 upgrade to his system to include, in addition to being IMO, a poor device for local playback only.

    I look forward to everyone giving strong suggestions (ideally low cost or free) that will suit the OP's needs well.
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