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    Im currently working on a project where i have a few old DVDs of family occasions which shows family members no longer with us who have passed etc.

    What i want to do is to rip from a DVD or bluray to a video file so i can just store the discs away.

    Whats the best free NOT beta software to use?

    Sorry im new to all this if this questions has been asked many times before.

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    Depends on the ability of your media player for you rips but I would suggest MakeMKV, simple to use and works. It is technically marked beta but that's all it is a technicality. I've done all my DVD's and Blu ray discs. If you don't buy it then you have to change the registration number that the author supplies every 3 months or so... It's also very quick with no change in quality or size. ie it doesn't compress
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  3. If these are home videos (not commercial videos), then the easiest way is to simply create a folder on your PC, label it disc 1 or whatever, and copy the entire contents out to the folder (AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS). There is no copy protection, so that's 100% identical to the DVD. Plus, you can easily drop it back on a DVD by simply burning those folders again.

    You can easily play the disc on your desktop using VLC, Media Player Home Classic, etc. - it will work and play 100% like the original, with all menus, dvd titles, etc. intact and working exactly like the original.


    You can pull only the videos off using MakeMKV - this will not damage the video quality, BUT YOU WILL LOSE all your DVD menus, titles, etc.
    The resulting files will play in VLC, Media Player Home Classic, etc just fine and look exactly like the original.


    Because MKV is not as common as other formats, you can also use MPG2CUT2 to turn the VOB files on the DVD into MPG video files.
    This process is like MakeMKV - no change in quality, but you lose all the DVD menus, etc.


    Personally, I would copy the folders off the DVD straight if you have DVD menus, etc. that you want to retain and if you desire to easily burn them back to a DVD in the future.

    After that, I'd pick MPG2CUT2 because the MPG file format is more commonly supported than MKV.
    MPG (MPEG-2) is a defined, world-wide file format that has been around decades.
    MKV is a open-source, community creation that has no standards organization support like MPEG-2.
    Cute, but no guarantee of longevity, support, etc. in the future, but popular because for illegal DVD/Bluray ripping, it's a convenient format for storing everything on a disc in one file.
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