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  1. hello,

    I'm looking for a software that allows me to capture a minidv tape by firewire, in one single file.
    Does it exist ?

    Thank you
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  2. Formerly 'vaporeon800' Brad's Avatar
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    On Windows? WinDV.
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  3. Thank you

    I have tried windv, but it seems that it capture with multiple segment file, I want just one big file.

    Also, Im trying hdvsplit, I have some tapes with blank data between scenes (blue screen), this blue screen make the capture stop, is there a way with a software to capture an entire hour in one file.

    Im looking for something similar of (vhs) analog capture but with firewire.
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    In WinDV set discontinuity threshold to 0 and timestamps are then ignored. i.e one file is created.

    You will also have to increase the No of Frames to transfer.
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  5. Thank you, it seems to work.
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