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  1. – In Windows, how can I remove the shortcut for the Magnifier feature ? Quite often I accidentally launch it when I want to type a closing square bracket, and it messes up the size of all windows as well as the disposition of the icons on the desktop, and I have no use for it whatsoever.

    – I recently developped a severe case of allergy to the Windows session start sound, especially as it's supposed to have a cheerful tone, yet almost every time I hear it it's right after a BSOD and a forceful restart so I'm rather in the mood for punching something or rolling on the floor screaming. So where is it, and can I safely either blank it or replace it with something more in sync with my default mood, like a snippet from the third movement of Metal Machine Music, or “L.A. Blues” from Fun House on a good day ?
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    I haven't tried it but a search found the following method to disable the magnifier shortcut here:

    Method 3: Disable Keyboard Shortcut for Activating Magnifier

    AutoHotkey is a free macro-creation and automation-oriented scripting utility for Windows. Just create a simple script and you can disable the keyboard shortcut (Win & +) which can activate Magnifier accidentally. To get started, please check out the next post: How to Disable Any Shortcut Keys in Windows 10 / 8 /7
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