Apparently since version 8 of Skype the discussions are stored “in da Clouuud” rather than in a database stored locally on the user's computer. Therefore, it seems no longer possible to keep a local archive of discussions, and a third-party tool like Nirsoft's SkypeLogView no longer works. There have been requests and complaints on that matter, but I couldn't find a proper solution. I haven't searched in a while, is there one now, or is there at least a working workaround ?

Side questions : is it possible to disable the automatic update ? Would it be possible to go back to the last version before that major change, that nonsensical and obnoxious change, and keep the history of all discussions that happened since then ? (Some dude I traveled with recently, working in IT, told me that I had to sort of embrace the novelty of the times, but as far as I'm concerned the novelty of the times can go screw itself, especially when it's so aggravatingly silly...)