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    I've found a video where the audio track is compressed in MPEG Version2 Layer 3, while the common MP3 is in MPEG Version 1 Layer 3.
    The result is metallic, and is not audible!
    Is there a method to restore this audio track? I can use Audition but I cannot understand what can I do.
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    It's an MP3 file.

    You probably can't do much to improve it. The damage was done when the file was compressed & data was discarded.

    What are the details of the file? Sample rate, bit depth, bitrate?
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  3. Depends on what you're trying to extract/keep vs remove.

    You'll likely exceed anything Audition can do with band pass filters and such. A spectral sound editor, or izotope would be the first place to start looking into advanced tools.

    But, no idea what you have and what you're trying to do, so without a sample track, that's the best guess advice
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    Mp3 means mpeg1 layer3, AND mpeg2 layer3. The part that mpeg2 added to the spec included support for higher & lower samplerates and higher & lower bitdepths, beyond what was already supported by mpeg1.

    You didn't tell us the specs of the file but I can guess...
    It probably is not corrupted/abnormal, nor is it an issue with player support (as literally everything supports both these days).
    It probably was encoded to too low of a bitrate (e.g. <64kbps) for the material. If that is the case, then there is NOTHING you can do, other than go back to the uncompressed original (please hope you kept a copy), and re-encode with better settings.

    I have never witnessed an attempt to "restore" the sound of an overly-compressed file that didn't end up robbing Peter to pay Paul, and mostly sound worse.

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