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  1. Hi All,

    I recently found an old DVD that is dear to me. I was able to rip it and now have the video TS folder. For whatever reason it runs on older macs but not on the newer ones. Anyway my macs don't have the drives anymore. The video_ts output folder I have crashed newer versions of handbrake, vlc etc but when I downloaded an older version of handbrake I was fine. I would like to achieve two things.

    1. What are the best settings to make more or less a one to one copy in a different "format" from the video_TS ? I would hope that output wouldn;t crash but I would like to preserve "the best sound and audio" quality possible (DVD is from 2002). Size is not an issue, future compatibility (as best as we can guess is)

    2. After I have a new master copy what would you recommend as reasonable settings for "normal" use?

    Thanks for the help.
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    Thread moved to the mac forum where you can get more help.
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    use makemkv for mac. it will give you the original quality mpeg-2 video and original audio in an mkv format file.
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  4. I apologize and appreciate the move. I did not notice that there was a mac forum and thank you aedipuss for your recommendation. I'll start there
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    I use mpg2cut to rapidly convert and combine vob files into a mpeg-2 file. Works great and fast.

    Pc program, but you can quickly install Windows in virtualbox or boot camp on your Mac. (And, having windows lets you have access to all the windows video programs later.)

    Mpeg-2 codec is what dvds are mastered in, so the vob is mpeg-2 data formatted in a way dvd players understand.

    No reencoding of data required, so the original quality is retained 100% original.


    Mkv is NOT as universally supported as mpeg-2 across players.
    Even android phones DO NOT support mpeg-2, not even mp4, inside a mkv file format (Google only supports vp9 to try and lock people into its format - bad, and vp9 had even far less native device support.)

    If you must, convert mpg to mp4 (handbrake works fine - even a default slow conversion setting if you don't customize yourself). Mp4 files have a broad support base natively (E.g. IPhone's and android phones, pc, Mac ALL natively support mp4 files, not mkv. Look at video editing programs, same thing - mp4, not mkv).

    But, this will result in bad artifacts for some mpeg-2 videos, even resulting in files bigger than original merely to retain the same visual quality.

    Just don't convert.


    Apple and Microsoft are IDIOTS - they keep removing features.

    One such is dvd support in the latest operating systems, meaning they've not included a mpeg-2 codec to let you view your dvd files natively.
    You have to either install a mpeg-2 codec that lets you play such, or find a player that should have such support (try
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  6. I appreciate the additional information. I looked at both software packages and used the makemkv. It worked as advertised and made an mkv.
    I also tried the winx DVD ripper and certainly that seems like the best solution (but not free .
    Also mpg2cut certainly looks like a nice tool, for my needs though to install windows and go from there is a bit overkill. I could probably make bootcamp work but once you need to google every second word I might need to concede that it could be a bit much for my skill set.

    I read some more and found it interesting that you can have an mpg file but also an mpg file with a different "container/wrapper" like mp4 or mkv.
    I'll have to experiment and see if I can change my .dvdmedia into a .mpg file. My guess is I'll bite the bullet and get teh Winx DVD ripper since that had the option of making a one to one copy but also some other versions. I was hoping I could use handbrake without a loss of quality/converter...

    Am I right or did a LONG time ago handbrake even have the .mpg option? I vaguely remember upgrading at one time with a warning that they were removing support for .mpg . My guess is like babygdav indicated once Apple removed features, handbrake decided to drop them as well.

    So we can agree there is no free solution for .dvdmedia to .mpg on a mac?

    Thank you for the quick and helpful replies, it does get confusing when certain containers and formats seem to be the same (oversimplified by a novice).

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