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  1. I just used Scenalyzer to capture a DV tape. The cliplist shows each one. I am able to save the cliplist to an HTML file for future reference, which is nice... but how can I save the cliplist, capture more tapes to other folders, and at some point go back and reload cliplist for tape 1? I want to go and rename the files later, and it appears Scenalyzer will do that nicely for me, but I would need to regenerate teh html clip doc with new names... I see a "Load cliplist" option on file menu, but it looks for SCL or avi files...

    I don't want to close Scenalyzer until I am sure I have saved things properly and I can get this list back on screen... can someone tell me how this works?

    Also, any posts on best naming conventions? My first tape I captures had some clips with proper date/time... some with wrong year entirely (1995) and some with no time code in file name at all. Is this normal? How best to name the clips and overall tape?

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  2. Looks like if you close and reopen it will read clips in the capture folder and you can still generate summary images. I wanted a bit more modern summary thumbnails... so I tried Video Thumbnail Maker. This looked very promising... but is extremely complicated to use, in that it never tells you why things fail to work... and the log errors are non-descriptive. It can't do a basic html page with summary thumbnails for a set of videos... and I cant get the WebM or WebP types to work... they fail with no explanation. No documentation, and the tutorials are very basic. Can't seem to register on the forum, since I never get the verification email. Anyone gotten this or another app to work in just building a very simple html or jpg summary of image clip thumbnails? Does not have to be multiple shots per image like VTM, although that is nice. Just one file summary of what is in a folder so I can quickly find stuff in archive.
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