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    I have a folder with 500 video files, in varying formats.

    I would like to discover the details of the the main audio stream in each of the video files.

    I can open each video file in MediaInfo but it would take a long time to do that for that many files.

    Ideally, I'd like a text document (or something on-screen) that lists each video file and the details of it's primary audio stream.

    Can MediaInfo batch this for me? Or is there an alternative way?
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    maybe something like kodi might work.
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  3. MediaInfo can open a folder and display the contents of each media file (may take a while to analyse them all).
    With MediaInfo CLI you can create a text file for each video file. For instance :
    FOR %F in (*.avi *.mp4 *.mkv) DO "[X:\Path\to\MediaInfoCLI\MediaInfo.exe" "%F" >"%F - MediaInfo.txt"
    Or if you want a single text file, define a single name for the .txt output and use two ">" signs (to add content to the file instead of overwriting it) :
    FOR %F in (*.avi *.mp4 *.mkv) DO "[X:\Path\to\MediaInfoCLI\MediaInfo.exe" "%F" >>"Mediainfo.txt"
    The basic output may be good enough but the CLI version also allows to dump every available field with the -f option, or to use a custom template with the --Output option.
    For instance I used this template (saved as .csv) for a particular set of AVI videos :
    General;Général\r\nNom complet        : %CompleteName%\r\nFichier créé       : %File_Created_Date_Local%\r\nFichier modifié    : %File_Modified_Date_Local%\r\nConteneur          : %Format% (%Format/Info%)\r\nTaille             : %FileSize% (%FileSize_String4%) \r\nDurée              : %Duration_String5%\r\nDébit global       : %OverallBitRate% (%OverallBitRate_String%)\r\nFlux vidéo         : %VideoCount%\r\nFlux audio         : %AudioCount%\r\n\r\n
    Video;Vidéo\r\nFormat             : %Format%\r\nRésolution         : %Width% x %Height%\r\nRatio              : %AspectRatio_String%\r\nCadence            : %FrameRate% im/s\r\nImages             : %FrameCount%\r\nDébit              : %BitRate% (%BitRate_String%)\r\nBits/(Pixel*Cadre) : %Bits-(Pixel*Frame)%\r\nTaille du flux     : %StreamSize% (%StreamSize_Proportion%)\r\n\r\n
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