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  1. Using TMPGEnc Video Mastering Works (v6.x) I have removed leading and trailing commercials from the video.
    Video = TV recordings in .ts format.
    Media Info - see attachment.

    I could export to .MP4 or "MPEG-2 video"

    I don't care about the file size, but what is important, best quality.

    Note: some time back I selected .mkv but noticed that audio is not entirely in sync with the subtitles, difference of maybe 0,5-1 second or so, which is slightly annoying of course.

    So maybe I should use a different format?

    Am not an expert, or better: am just a newbie in this regards.

    Appreciate suggestions.
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    MP4 and MKV are basically the same thing from a beginner's perspective (which I am, don't get me wrong). But Either way you shouldn't be looking to turn it into MPEG2 video codec. You should use MP4/MKV container and keep it the original format (avc). Not sure if TMPGENC Authoring Works does lossless cutting, but there are a lot of programs that do that you can investigate so you don't lose much quality at all. I persanally use Videoredo Suite. If you have to use TMPGEnc and it must re-encode, I would still choose mp4/mkv and leav it AVC.

    But all that aside, the issue of audio sync shouldn't have anything to do with the codecs/containers itself. Sounds like TMPGENC is accidentally messing something up or messing it up by bad design. I capture live tv at times with a capture card and I've tried all sorts of combinations of output files and never have an issue with audio/video synchronization using Videoredo Suite. If you can't figure out how to get TMPGENC to output correct mp4/mkv files from your capture I suggest trying Videoredo. They have a free trial. I'm not trying to market it, I have no stake in their business I just do think it's a very good program especially if main thing you're doing is simple editing like cutting/saving/exporting to different formats.
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  3. Many thanks for the above. Truly appreciated.
    I do have a license on TMPGEnc Video Mastering Works 6.x and am using that for cutting unnecessary stuff from recordings.

    Yesterday I reworked a dozen recordings, removing leading and trailing commercials and then had them encoded from .ts to .mp4.
    All went fine. Sync is okay, etc.

    Just now, I remember the 'other' recordings, with the 0,5-1 sec sync issue.

    Those were also .ts files.
    However, there were leading, trailing commercials and 2x approx. 5-7 minutes commercials somewhere,
    let's say at 1/3 or 2/3 of the recordings (abt 2-3 minutes)
    So, 1 hour was reduced to say 40 minutes or something.
    Then encoded to .mkv
    Maybe... just maybe these 4 'cuts', specifically the ones at 1/3 and 2/3, could be the cause of being out of sync ...(?)

    This is a wild guess only.

    When removing leading and trailing commercials, then things go fine.

    I did check out VideoRedo some time back. Installed it and gave it a try.
    When importing the very first .ts file I got some kind of strange error that I could not explain and I would not know how to solve.
    Didn't go on anymore and continued using Video Mastering Works.
    (without errors..)

    Thanks again!
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    I think there's definitely a chance that one of those cuts within the video could be complicating things. Seems like it's not supposed to be happening but hey, bugs exist. Have you tried the official forums?. They might have a developer that can take a look at the logfile and a sample video and find a real bug to fix for next release. With TMPGEnc, do you look at what kind of frames you're cutting at?
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  5. Thanks again.
    I checked the official forums, but it looks it is not really frequently attended, hence I didn't try it.
    I sent them an email, just now, see what the response is.

    Anyway, thanks again.
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