Im new to Pot Player and have some videos that are larger than my screen size that I'd like to view at 100% scale, IE, larger than the total display area of my screen so I can QC and make adjustments if needed. I dont seem to be able to tell Pot Player to show me the pixels 1:1 (I'm speaking resolution here not aspect ratio) I would think it would be a simple check box or command but hitting the numerical 1,2,3 keys stops doing anything once the scale hits reaches the screen resolution. (in this case 1=.5% fits on screen but 2 and 3 display the same image as they are both being auto scaled back down to the limit of the screen resolution)

Anyone figured this one out yet?

Also side question, is there a way to get Pot player to display frame numbers instead of timecode when jogging through frames with the F and D keys? Animator here, essentially looking for a modern replacement for everything that Quicktime 7 player had (frame counter, single frame stepping, 100% scale preview abilities, no bullshit gradient or bars over top of the video)