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  1. Hello guys, I have this files: 1.mkv 2.mkv 3.mkv on a folder, some files had 3 tracks: 0-video 1-audio 2-subtitles but some files had 4 or more tracks, and some files had the subtitles on track 0, video on track 2 and audio on track 1, is there a script or a way to extract all the tracks and save it on the same folder?
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  2. Try gMKVExtractGUI. Drag&drop the mkv files. Then right-click for a context menu to select e.g. all tracks. Select a download folder (tick "Use Source" for same folder as input) and "Extract".
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  3. Oh sorry, I forgot to tell that I dont have graphic ui, I use ubuntu server... basically I need to extract the subtitles file and then mux hardcoding subtittles... the problem is that I comment on first post, some files the track1 is for subtitles, and some files had the subtitles in track2 or another .
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