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  1. Hello, dear forum people.
    I am looking for help as I am not able to understand myself, what I am doing wrong

    I've finished Media Production university in 2015 and since then I can't find a job which will please me.
    I mean, my basic needs are still not closed and this worries me a lot. After I've worked in a few companies, I started my own. I had some health restrictions and the only option for me was working freelance from home.

    Could you please see my website and tell me what I am doing wrong?
    Is my color correction so wrong? Am I doing really bad cuts? My sound sounds awful? Does my VFX look amateur?
    Is my face looking horrible on my social media????? I just can't think anything WHY this is so hard.
    WHY it is so hard to find a client? What can be done, deleted or changed? My website -

    I see movies coming out EVERY DAY, MILLIONS OF MILLIONS of videos EVERYWHERE I GO, and still, I CAN'T FIND THE CLIENTS??? I'm so frustrated... I had only 4 clients in a YEAR. They were really satisfied with the work I DID which makes me more confused, what's wrong?? Why I just can't find stability? I'm not asking for a big income, I just want to pay for my food and clothes!!! And I still can't do it for years and years!! Soon, there will be no one for me to ask for help as my parents getting really old and I've got no one to ask for help! I usually never write or tell this kind of things but this is too serious for me this time and I can't be ashamed.

    I am even willing to pay % from my income for those who will help me to find clients or mentor me to this sphere. Just please help me to stop this everyday nonstopping pain!!!

    Are kindness and humanity left in this world? Please help, those, who understand. You have to be somewhere, this is my hope.
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