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  1. Is this easily done with any apps? And would it for example give you margins of error to save eg. slightly before and after the break point? I'm looking at installing security camera's to help deal with nightmare neighbours but assuming slight lag with motion detection i wonder if i'd be better recording constant and if possible trimming any active parts out in software.
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  2. "better recording constant"

    Probably not unless you have a really large storage facility. But don't some security cameras have a setting where they take a shot every second or so to conserve storage space? I know my game cameras don't do it. They just take photos till media storage is full.
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    If the footage is going to be used for legal proceedings, don't trim anything and constant recording is best. And edits or starts and stops may be cause for doubt about your claims. Most surveillance systems record over previous footage when the disc is full, so backing up the data in it's entirety is critical. Also, motion detection isn't perfect. By the time the motion is detected and the video started, the action you're trying to capture may have already happened. Lots of butts in game camera shots.

    IMO, the most critical aspect is camera placement and picture quality (i.e good optics), and high resolution. Read the dozens of "Can you read this 10x10 pixel license plate or make out this face?". In 99% of the cases answer is no as and it's best given untouched to the authorities anyway.
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  4. It would potentially be used in legal proceedings, at the very least as evidence in an ASBO complaint/order. It turns out now that the motion detection on security PVRs im looking at actually work really well and i wouldn't need to resort to software. Once motion is detected they're able to start actual recording 5 seconds prior to that point and so you wouldnt lose anything. Opticswise the camera i'm looking at replaces the peephole and is fisheye with hd res and should give very good images (sp. as the neighbour is immediately opposite, like 6 ft). I really dont want to record constantly as 99% would be wasted footage then you have the gargantuan hassle of finding relevant portions not to mention space problems as mentioned. As long as i dont edit what the pvr records i would have thought that'd be good enough evidence as it is timestamped and has its metadata.
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    Most surveillance system apps these days use a rolling infinite record window + pre-record buffer + motion detection, allowing what you mentioned. Has been industry standard with digital systems for about a decade now.

    If you can afford it, I HIGHLY recommend you go with a system that is 4k and/or WDR (usually it's a tradeoff cuz both together are expensive). 4k allows for digital zoom without much visible loss of quality. WDR (wide dynamic range) is like HDR but usually sort of quad splits up the 4k sensor to give you 4 diff range of light sensitivities, aka live bracketed HD image. This allows for much more even outdoor exposures - both day & night.

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  6. Thanks, i'll look into those. Budget is tight atm, got any recommendations?
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  7. Having said that actually i'm limited to that camera anyway since I have an integrated knocker/peephole and thats the only one i found that would seem to swop out inconspicuously.
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