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  1. I-frame

    Independently encoded frame (so can be decoded independently), just like a static image.


    Predicted frame based on the interpolation from one or multiple previous frames in the presentation (display) order.


    Bi-Directional P-frame based on the interpolation from other frames (including later frames in the presentation order).

    Note: the decoding frame order and the presentation frame order don't have to be the same, which is the foundation of B-frame.


    The analogous term describing the behavior of continuous B-frame referring (a B-frame refers to B-frames refer to B-frames...).

    For a graphic demonstration, see this.


    A portion of a frame, which is encoded either independently (I-slice) or based on only one of the other frames (P/B-slice).

    Which is the smallest unit of a frame.


    Instantaneous Decoder Refresh, no frame after which should refer to the frames before the point. (in the decoding order)

    Which imposes limits on the frames available for the Inter interpolation.

    Note: this property doesn't have to pertain to a certain frame type.


    Decoded Picture Buffer, which is used to store the decoded frames by the decoder.

    The size of DPB imposes a hard limit on the max permitted encoding complexity.


    At which point the Inter interpolation is considered less effective than a simply I-frame placement. (so is an I-frame inserted instead)
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