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  1. I have spent several hours trying the following syntax but I keep getting an error that I have shown below. The only thing I found was a _video-distributor2_session in the cookies. I keep passing that along but obviously some other information is needed. Any help is appreciated.

    yd Syntax:
    youtube-dl --add-header  "Cookie:_video-distributor 2_session=QVYyYk42ZnZIcVA1Zys5V0FXclM4YnNsdE5qamNvRktQTGFXc2JabjVNbTBpY0lZQTJuMDdwd210UlhML2dKek9mS1pGUlE3emplRHpDdjZIczc0eVNjUXorL3RpZmNHOUFvd0pCSTJHVms9LS1TTUROcllKUlVXM0dFMEttcloramxBPT0"   --referer ""   ""

    Also with streamlink:

    streamlink   --http-cookie "_video-distributor-2_session=QVYyYk42ZnZIcVA1Zys5V0FXclM4YnNsdE5qamNvRktQTGFXc2JabjVNbTBpY0lZQTJuMDdwd210UlhML2dKek9mS1pGUlE3emplRHpDdjZIczc0eVNjUXorL3RpZmNHOUFvd0pCSTJHVms9LS1TTUROcllKUlVXM0dFMEttcloramxBPT0"  --http-header "User-Agent=Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10.11; rv:67.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/67.0" --http-header "Referer=" "hlsvariant://" best -o output.ts
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  2. If the cookies/header etc. aren't working, it might be easier just to download the keys manually, edit the m3u8, and then use the edited m3u8 as input to ffmpeg.

    For example;

    ffmpeg.exe -allowed_extensions ALL -protocol_whitelist "file,http,https,tcp,tls,crypto" -i "20839645-audio_eng=78601-video=249000.m3u8" -c copy output.ts
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  3. Thankyou! I confirm that it works., Out of curiosity, can I pass the key value as a param to yd. It would be so much quicker to just pass headers, and key value with the m3u8.. This makes it easier to put everything in a script.
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  4. Are you using latest youtube-dl version? was updated a month ago.

    ^ this type of url should work directly with youtube-dl, without having to specify the m3u8.
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  5. I Just updated yd to version 2020. It was version 2017 that was running.
    Hmm I tried with uss_token url but yd says no video format found.
    youtube-dl -v --cookies ../../Downloads/cookies.txt  --verbose ""
    [debug] System config: []
    [debug] User config: []
    [debug] Custom config: []
    [debug] Command-line args: [u'-v', u'--cookies', u'../../Downloads/cookies.txt', u'--verbose', u'']
    [debug] Encodings: locale UTF-8, fs UTF-8, out UTF-8, pref UTF-8
    [debug] youtube-dl version 2020.01.01
    [debug] Python version 2.7.13 (CPython) - Linux-4.14.119-2.pvops.qubes.x86_64-x86_64-with-debian-9.11
    [debug] exe versions: ffmpeg 3.2.14-1, ffprobe 3.2.14-1, rtmpdump 2.4
    [debug] Proxy map: {}
    [Vzaar] 20699328: Downloading JSON metadata
    ERROR: No video formats found; please report this issue on . Make sure you are using the latest version; see  on how to update. Be sure to call youtube-dl with the --verbose flag and include its complete output.
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  6. The uss_token may expire quickly. Try it instead with just the m3u8 url, just in case youtube-dl may still do the "goose" substitution.

    Don't worry about cookies or headers.

    If it doesn't work, report on youtube-dl github.

    Otherwise just get the key separately as described. No cookies or headers required.

    If this is too much work because you have millions of these videos that you need to download, you still could write a script to download the key and m3u8 separately with curl.
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  7. Thank you! I appreciate your help.
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