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    Search Comp PM You don't connect your PC to it. The device is a standalone media player just like any other Android Box except it a very customized version of Android, 5.1 versus the current 10.0 and is why I highly recommend against buying it. The only real difference is that you can insert a hard drive directly into it, which very few devices support.

    Read this review which gives it fairly high marks but concludes:

    "Should I buy one?

    The problem we have with this device is that itís named as a Media Server in the product title and, the box itself, isnít really that at all. Itís an (admittedly very good) Android Media Player and why they didnít just call it that is beyond us. DVDFab has also added another unnecessary layer of complexity Ė and expense - in that you need SATA HDD storage to get beyond the setup menu. So, in reality, you would be better spending a couple of hundred quid on a budget (proper) NAS, plus storage, and add an equally capable, cheap-ish player and gain the flexibility of adding more players around the home, in addition to the multitude of other benefits a NAS can bring to the home. In other words, we donít really think the product will make sense for all that many typical users.

    Sure, it integrates nicely with DVDFabís ripping software, the browser based, PLEXesque Media Center Management is good and video and audio performance excellent but the fact is, you can build a far more flexible, yet equally capable system, for around the same outlay. For those reasons the DVDFab Movie Server misses out on an Award. Thereís a niche for it but itís just that bit too narrow for us.

    Or better still use your PC which would score an 11 on the scale and try different media organizers. I've started a new thread here that I hope will give you some good options: Please correct/clarify/update anything I've stated on that thread as you feel appropriate.

    If you feel I've overstepped my bound, please let me know.
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    For reference only in case future needs evolve: Elan G compatible Intel-based Linux Media server box with nas.
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  3. Ok, took a screen shot on mac but not appearing on desktop like it normally does, so here is another attempt at the link.

    This basically the same info provided by babygdav with a couple of changes. Let me know if it is ok.

    Now, concerning the DVDFAB and your insights, I will hold off on getting it until I read up on the options you guys have suggested. I know you remember my DVDs are ripped to VIDEO_TS folders, so will I have to change them over to another format to use any of these other movie managers.

    I know there are companies like Fusion Research, Morpheusav, and others that are compatible with the ElanG system and you get what you pay for $$$ (currently not in budget but in a couple of weeks I should be good. I am going to hit the lottery, lol).


    I will read the new thread and see what other options are available.

    So, if you guys think the build information is good, I will order.

    Thanks for the help so far.
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    Being completely anal about it. You can play the files in a VIDEO_TS folder directly. By choosing ither the VTS_01_0.IFO (01 is usually the main movie) or choosing a .vob, but since .vobs in a DVD are limited to 1GB, it will just be portion of a the movie. What Is DVD? Also, you're not changing to another format unless you're re-encoding, but changing container, .iso or .mkv in your case.

    Again sorry if I'm being too anal about this, but using the right terms helps make clear what the desired outcome/use will be.
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  5. Not being anal about using correct terms. If you don't point it out how am I to learn and thanks for the link "What is DVD?". Saved to my PC build folder.
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  6. The build specs look fine.

    Only need to add ejectable drive bay if you'll do that vs an external 3.5" usb drive (which will make it easier to move things between mac and pc without more equipment - which would be a 2.5" sata to usb connector for the Mac).

    Windows 10, keyboard, mouse (monitor if you don't use a tv as one).

    As for whether you like dvdfab to video_ts folders or something else, I'd suggest building the system, then using the trials to test the integration with the Elan remote and system playback on 1-2 discs.

    Most don't have an integrated home controller, so it's easier for them to simply say I'll pick the media server software that does it all like kodi without conversion.

    Elan has no good idea what'll happen with Plex, etc without the upgraded controller, so a trial run is in order for the software.

    Hardware-wise, specs look good.


    (Fyi. Mkv vs iso/vob - you typically lose the original dvd menus and navigation with mkv, so no, you can't recreate the ORIGINAL dvd from a mkv rip of an original DVD. Not important in your case if you've only ripped the main movie and will rip only the main movie title in the future.)
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  7. babygdav

    Startec and icybox offer the ejectable trays, so I'll look at them.

    Agree on building the PC first and then look at my options for a movie manager keeping in mind that I want it controlled thru the ElanG HR2 remote.

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  8. Fyi
    Found one service still offering ripping service should it become too much for you to do yourself.
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  9. babydav,

    Have not started my build as life issues get in the way sometimes. Don't think I'll need a ripping service but thanks for the info. Keep everyone posted when I start the build.
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