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  1. I've used DScaler to capture from analog source to a 4 hour HuffYUV compressed AVI. I didn't think to enable any log file output that may have given information about dropped frames.

    Is there a way to analyze the Huffyuv AVI now to count how many dropped / invalid frames are in the entire 4 hour file? (without re-capturing and enabling log this time?)
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    If they were truly dropped/skipped, you can just calculate how many you should have had, subtracting how many you arrived at.
    E.g. 4hours exactly @ 30fps = 4 * 60 * 60 * 30 = 432,000 frames. If you count 431,500 you dropped 500 frames.

    If frames were dropped AND duplicated, you have no way of knowing unless you have either:
    1. Visual timestamp/timecode onscreen
    2. Container metadata that show each frames' original capture/presentation timestamp (most generate them anew, so not likely).

    *You could luck out if you have a continual single shot that has continual and regular motion in it, or a continual (near-) still shot. Then you could run a discontinuity test in avisynth. But that won't work properly on a multi-clip or edited scene capture, as it doesn't know the difference between an intentional and an accidental discontinuity.

    Or, you could re-capture this time enabling the log.

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