I am using Honestch with the Unotec USB adaptor that came in the same box. Seems to be version 4 for Windows 10, so it should be good for me. But I'm getting some terrible horizontal jitter. So the video is being recorded, albeit badly, but suddenly I can't see the video on my computer screen while recording. The adaptor cable has RCA female, as does my camcorder (just white and yellow) so I have to connect male cables between the devices. I have tried lots of cables. Some seemed worse than others. I'm even beginning to doubt my camera's video output, though it worked on the TV.

About a year ago I recorded from the same VHS camcorder onto a computer at a friend's house, using his software and adaptor, which are different brands to mine. We had no problems whatsoever. Sadly, he doesn't live near me. Any ideas anyone?