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  1. I think I only selected the subtitle on the 5th tab and dit nothing on tab 2. Maybe that caused it.
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  2. No, you don't need to select any subtitle on tab 2.

    You can verify if the stream has been really selected with the BD3D2MK3D.log file in the project folder. When a subtitle stream is selected (either in tab 2 or in tab 5), you should see a message like this :
    *** Converting "00017.track_4610.Fra.sup" to 2D. Please wait!

    And, unless the stream is empty of doesn't contain the requested forced subtitles, it should appear in the file __ENCODE_3D_MOVIE.avs, like this:

    Anyway, I will verify here...
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  3. I have just verified, and I can confirm thaty hardcoding the subtitles in Full-SBS mode works perfectly. However, in my previous post, I wrote something not totally correct. The SupTitle command is what it should be for Half-SBS. For Full-SBS, there are two SupTitle commands in the AVS script, like this:
    left = SupTitle(left, "00007.track_4608.Deu.3D_left.sup")
    right = SupTitle(right, "00007.track_4608.Deu.3D_right.sup")

    (Of course, the stream number and language code can differ.)

    Anyway, it is easy to see how many subtitles there are in the hardcoded stream. Just open the subtite directory in the project folder (for my example, it's 00007.track_4608.Deu.3D_2D) and see how many PNG files there are in the folder. Each PNG is a subtitle. If the folder doesn't exist or if there are no PNG files in the folder, that means that you did not select a subtitle stream, or it was an empty stream (that may happen in very rare cases) or you have selected the stream with the forced subtitles only and there is no forced subtitle in the stream.

    If you are not sure, post here the content of the BD3D2MK3D.log file, and I will probably be able to understand the problem...
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    - BD3D2MK3D A tool to convert 3D BD to 3D SBS/T&B/FS MKV
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    Hi, sorry if this is a dumb question, but is there a way to use the GPU rather than CPU for encoding? I have a GTX 980ti I'd like to take advantage of, but I'm fairly new to command line.
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  5. It's an interesting question. Unfortunately, x264 and x265 do not have GPU capabilities. According to their programmers, using the GPU to encode a video cannot give a really good quality, and therefore they have excluded that possibility. I agree with them. All GPU based encoders currently available are less good than x264 or x265. However, using the GPU to do quick encodes, for example for testing purposes, may be a good thing.

    Since BD3D2MK3D uses x264 or x265 natively, it is not directly possible to encode with the GPU. But it is also possible to encode with your own command line, and if you configure properly BD3D2MK3D, you can use for example the nvenc encoder by nVidia, that can use the GPU. I did some tests, and I can tell you how to configure BD3D2MK3D to do it.
    1. First, download nvenc and extract the required files somewhere. Also, be sure to have the suitable driver for your graphic card properly installed.
    2. In BD3D2MK3D, select the option Settings -> AVC/HEVC Encoder -> Use your own command line encoding, and accept the warning.
    3. In the last tab, you will notice that the x264/x265 parameters have been replaced with a few buttons (with help messages) and two fields where you can insert your own custom command and a filename.
      You can of course define that command yourself, but as an example, here is the command I have used for my tests:
      "path\\to\\NVEncC64.exe" ^\n --codec avc --cqp 26 --profile high --level 4.1 --preset quality --sar ${sar} ^\n --colorprim bt709 --colorrange limited --chapter chapters_3D_delay.ogm.txt --key-on-chapter ^\n --input "__ENCODE_3D_MOVIE.avs" --output "video3D_nvenc.avc"
      Of course, you must change the path to point to the directory containing nvenc. Note the double \ in the path. They are required.
      Also, note the ^\n between the different parts of the command. It's used to insert a new line so that the command will be easier to read if you need to edit the __ENCODE_3D.cmd file, but they are not absolutely necessary.
      The --codec avc --cqp 26 --profile high --level 4.1 --preset quality arguments controls the encoding mode and quality. You can of course modify them to suit your needs.
      The parameters between ${} (like --sar ${sar}) are substituted by BD3D2MK3D with the correct value when the project is generated. See the "List of variables" help to see what variables are available.
    4. The output (video3D_nvenc.avc in my example) is up to you, but you must copy that filename in the "Filename of the video stream" field just below the command, to tell the muxer what file it must load to produce the final MKV.
    5. When the command is properly defined, I strongly suggest to use Settings -> Save tabs settings now, to save the command for the next time. It will be remembered from session to session. (You can independently also save the encoding settings for x264 and x265 the same way. The settings for the currently selected encoder are saved independently.)
    6. That's all.
    Note that you are responsible to provide a good and working command. I have added the possibility to define custom commands at the request of some powerful users, but I cannot help you if you decide to use that possibility. You have to learn yourself how to use your encoder.

    Also, I must say that I have been somewhat disappointed by my tests with the nvenc encoder. Although the encodings where faster, the speed gain was minimal, and I don't think it is worth using a GPU based encoder, especially given the less good video quality. Of course, the gain may depends of other factors, like your GPU, your CPU, or your appreciation of what "gain" means.

    I hope this can help you. Good GPU encoding !
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    - BD3D2MK3D A tool to convert 3D BD to 3D SBS/T&B/FS MKV
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