I recently got a Chromecast dongle so I could play content from my smartphone on my garage tv while puttering out there. I was under the impression that was the only way I'd be able to watch Youtube content on it without running a cable to it.

I have another larger, yet inexpensive Best Buy Insignia tv I got on Black Friday special a few years ago. I was under the impression it's a "dumb" tv, with only basic HDTV functionality. It wasn't labeled as a "Smart" tv - it was the bargain bin, house brand tv on super-cheapie sale. I put the larger tv in the living room and relegated the smaller tv to the garage - use it for watching OTA tv, Blu-Ray movies and more recently as previously mentioned stuff off my smartphone.

These days Youtube has a screencast option, so just for grins I pressed it while playing a video on my larger tv to see what would happen and lo and behold, an applet came up and it recognized the Chromecast gizmo out in the garage....? I selected it and sure enough the Youtube video is playing on the Chromecast equipped tv in the garage.


So apparently this TV has capability that I wasn't aware of. If it's communicating with the Chromecast gizmo, what is that broadcast capability called?

Thanks for any insight and Happy New Year!