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  1. Hi,

    I have downloaded subtitles from other sites before but I cant do it from the NBC site.

    I looked at the network tab on my dev tools manager but none of the listed elements are a subtitle file whatsoever. I would appreciate any hints.

    Thank you.
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    or more simple, use IDM (VPN USA)
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  3. Code:
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  4. thank you, but could you please tell me how did you get that? I couldnt find it under the network tab.
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  5. Originally Posted by lomero View Post
    use IDM (VPN USA)
    I tried IDM but there is only one 1080p file listed and its only 7 minutes long. Where is the rest? The only file which appears to have full length is only 540p.
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    youtube-dl -F
    and have list of format available. then choose your preferred format, then use:

    youtube-dl -f hls-xxx
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  7. Originally Posted by lomero View Post
    thanks but I think I am kinda confused here. After I have downloaded the ts file with IDM it says the video lasts only 7 minutes but if I actually play it the duration is over 23 minutes (thats the full duration). That does mean the video is not really on my hard drive but it just is streamed as I play it? I use VLC to play it by the way.
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  8. Originally Posted by supercain View Post
    After I have downloaded the ts file with IDM it says the video lasts only 7 minutes but if I actually play it the duration is over 23 minutes (thats the full duration).
    Some of the hls versions of the videos on this site are constructed with "DISCONTINUITY" flags, or are otherwise segmented, at the ad insertion points.

    Some download software merely appends the subsequent video segments (after the first ad insertion point). This results in the duration appearing to be the same as the length of the first segment (before the first ad insertion point). But in actuality the remaining video segments are appended and will play after the first segment finishes, usually resetting the time counter when each starts.

    This usually can be fixed with a simple remux. However, in some cases, the audio will lose sync (or will progressively drift) after the first DISCONTINUITY point. Some extra steps may be required to keep the sync for the entire duration when remuxing those videos.

    Not all hls versions on this site have "DISCONTINUITY" flags, and not all sources on this site are hls.
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  9. ffmpeg -i "Wall Street.ts" -c copy "Wall Street-Repair".ts
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  10. Thank you guys. And how do I get the subs only? Like chapun67 did?
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  11. And how do I get the subs only?
    Use this:
    youtube-dl --all-subs --skip-download
    This will give you a tt file. Then put that into Subtitle Edit and save as srt for the whole show. Here are the first ten subtitles straight from Subtitle Edit:
    (Note: you can also try a tt>srt online converter like:
    00:00:08,367 --> 00:00:10,867
    Hey, Mikey, how are you doing?

    00:00:08,367 --> 00:00:10,867
    How was your weekend?

    00:00:10,900 --> 00:00:12,900
    Can I borrow $300?

    00:00:12,933 --> 00:00:15,600
    Fine, great, and not a chance.

    00:00:15,633 --> 00:00:17,800
    Mikey, do you still have

    00:00:15,633 --> 00:00:17,800
    those savings bonds?

    00:00:17,833 --> 00:00:20,267
    Okay, Zack, what gives?

    00:00:20,300 --> 00:00:22,400
    It was all my father's fault.

    00:00:22,433 --> 00:00:25,233
    He told me not to fool around

    00:00:22,433 --> 00:00:25,233
    with his new video camera.
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  12. Thank you although I would like to know how did chapun67 get the download url.
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  13. Originally Posted by supercain View Post
    get the download url.
    >> open your link
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  14. Question for anybody and also chapun67,
    (see below screenshot1, red circles) I typed in
    in the searchbox and among several entries, I found the http link that chapun67 mentioned above. If you open that link, you can easily find the subtitle link because it ends in "tt" and also has the word "caption". (see screenshot2, red circles)
    My question is, to get the captions, how did chapun67 know to type in "link", and also, once you get the link, there is no mention of subtitle, tt, captions, etc in the link, so how would anybody know to choose that link to get the captions?
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    Click image for larger version

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  15. Thats a very interesting question! I would like to know that too.
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  16. Outfits like ooyala, brightcove, kaltura, and theplatform provide a content management system for online video platforms.

    If there is network traffic to those systems, you'll be justified in having a reasonable hunch that various manifests, descriptions, or other payload about the content is being fetched by that traffic.

    In this particular case, the discrete caption file is not used, because captions are also embedded within the hls/ts video, which is what the nbc player is using.

    But theplatform is designed to support other formats, like hds or mp4, where a discrete caption file is needed. With dash and hls now becoming more and more dominant, a discrete caption file is now mostly just for legacy support.

    youtube-dl retrieves the discrete caption file (for this site) using a similar request to theplatform. The authors of the youtube-dl code probably have background knowledge of the history of the various implementations of theplatform system.

    Not every user of theplatform cms still implements a discrete caption file, but most do, so it is probably still the default in the system.
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  17. Also you can use the latest version of Tubedigger to instantly download the srt subtitles. I used Chromium3 browser setting. You can use the free trial version to download the complete subtitles.
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