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  1. Hi there,

    I have some questions and probably need new hardware...

    I bought a Sharp VC-MH76 VCR which has S-VHS simple playback written on it. The only output on this is a SCART interface and audio jacks.

    I also bought a cheap capture USB device Logilink USB video grabber VG0001B which has composite and S-Video input.

    To be able to use a S-Video cable i use a SCART adapter which has composite and S-Video jacks, you can switch between input and output.

    Some screenshot to show my problems, I'm using Virtual Dub 1.10.4 on Windows 10.

    I see two devices:
    [Attachment 51290 - Click to enlarge]

    When I use composite (yellow) connection with the direct show input I see no preview, but I get audio and it shown 25 fps (It is PAL). When I switch to WDM I get a picture with about 6-10 fps (shown in bottom right). Also I see no preview with the AV to USB device when I record I have a picture.

    So I tried Virtual Dub 2 44015 there I see a picture when I choose AV to USB 2.0 but it is distorted you can't make out nothing.
    [Attachment 51291 - Click to enlarge]

    If I switch to WDM device the picture is visible bot very low framerate.
    [Attachment 51292 - Click to enlarge]

    When I try VLC and set these setting the FPS are fine and the picture is ok.
    [Attachment 51293 - Click to enlarge]

    Next try was using S-VHS connection. If I change noting from the previous working setup it just displays black and white picture.

    So I can't do S-VHS in color with this hardware? Is the capture device garbage? Is there a fix for preview not working?

    One funny thing is that on one tape there is a French radio or TV station audible in the backgroud which was clearly not playing while the recording was made (different country). Maybe during prior dubbing cables picked this up?
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  2. So I found that preview actually works but audio runs away while capturing.
    To try to fix this I gut a Sony DVD Recorder RDR-HXD870 (TBC pass through) for not much money and will test if it fixes it.

    If not I might just go with that und burn straight to DVD.
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  3. I gave up with the capture card, it was worse than the DVD from the RDR-HXD870. VirtualDub was an audio sync nightmare.
    I also had recordings with 15 mbit/s on the Sony recorder which were not burnable...
    So I used a USB adapter for the HDD und used a deep scan file recovery and was able to get all mpeg files off the disk.
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    That's a plain VHS VCR; that's why you can't get a proper image from SCART -> S-Video. The SQPB feature that you mentioned provides low-quality S-VHS playback, but the VCR still doesn't offer a Y/C output.

    Recent thread:

    I think I explained it better in 2014:

    Follow the sub-link back to jagabo's VideoHelp post to see why you get black and white.
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