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  1. Hi All,

    I have been trying to search for free of charge software on my own but cannot find it. Actually it's functionality is a bit hard to explain and therefore it's a challenge to put correct keyword or keyword phrase into google. Being aware this is video forum and I have been considering whether my question is related to video or audio. I think it's more video, so I am making my post on this forum.

    Since I don't exactly know how to define it with a word or two, I will, instead, try my best to describe what I am looking for:

    Everyone of you have probably watched the TV news, saw the presenter / journalist looking directly into the camera and noticed that his or her eyes (the iris in eye) weren't moving at all but in reality he or she was reading pre-prepared text where words were moving with perfect speed according to his/her preferred style of speech and speed of speech.

    Does anyone of you know perhaps, does something like this exist for computer running Windows OS? Preferably web application so I don't need to install it but desktop based (installation require) would be great too. The reason I need this, with ability to resize the fonts, is to be able to prepare the piece of my text for the speech I will record using both web camera and of course microphone. However, if I just read the fixed text like the one in ms office word files or notepad or pdf etc. then my eyes will be all the time moving and sooner or later I will have to stop the speech and reveal myself that I am reading instead of naturally talking. Obviously I wouldn't want this. Instead, I am looking to get word by word, no matter of text size, moving around the center of the screen, preferably as close as possible where the camera is.

    Did I describe good enough? I am looking for free of charge (lifetime free membership, not demo/trial) software that would show word by word on the screen in its same area so I don't move the eyes while talking and in reality reading and then previous words get disappeared as new words of the text get added.

    How is such software called?

    Thank you very much in advance!

    Kindest regards.
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    Methinks you are looking for a tele-prompter

    Try this:
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  3. Exactly what I needed. Thank you very much!
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