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  1. Hi

    but I'm a ***, !

    I need to load a mp4 file to the google foto via batch .bat

    is it possible cat thanks?
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  2. or a way that load your video file in "one click mode" or using the "send to" of windows.

    I mean how to load video files to google photo via commanline
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    I understand this thread is just over 2 years old, but just wondering how you ended up resolving your issues. I currently use multiple Manzanita products in my processes, but want\need to begin to replace them with actively supported products. and ones that aren't excessively priced (not that Manz products were cheap, but they were necessary.
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    It would have worked through earlier this last year...

    Gdrive Filestream. Batch copy to G:\ folders. Have gdrive auto-sync to g-foto.

    Unfortunately, as of this last summer, Google disconnected the sync capability. So you are SOL.

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